The newest versions of Windows use what is referred to as a 64bit operating system. This system includes Internet Explorer 64bit (this can be impossible to tell apart form the ordinary 32bit version).

Internet Explorer 64bit IS NOT currently supported by Adobe Flash player (they intend to change this soon).

If you try to install Flash you will be currently unable to do so for this reason.

There are two options to watching the videos now:

1. Find and use the 32bit version of Windows Internet explorer (usually found on your computer at C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe)

2. Install either Firefox or Opera web browsers

Once installed you should be able to select a video and play it.



Top Tip:

When setting range of motion:

For a test to be valid in isokinetic or isotonic mode, the range of motion needs to be within 10% of the TOTAL of the other side. Or in other words within 5% at each end of the range of motion.