To watch a video simply navigate to the section of interest using the menu system on the left of the screen.

Main Menu Picture

Then choose the video to watch from the list in the centre of the screen. The text reads Press Here To View Video

The video file will open above your page and play automatically in a few seconds N.B. some videos are larger than others and will take longer to load, please be patient.

Main Video Window

You can pause, fast forward/rewind (using the slider bar), stop/play, and alter the volume by passing your mouse into the lower part of the video window and using the controls there.

Video Controls

To close the video press the close button at the bottom right corner.

Close Video Window


Top Tip:

When aligning the axis of rotation for knee tests it is common to have the knee bent.

If the alignment does not work extend the knee and hold using the support adaptor function then reposition the alignment.

This works in nearly all awkward cases of knee alignment.